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Infectious diseases are caused by viruses, bacteria, and/or parasites. They are also referred to as communicable diseases because they are highly contagious. Doctors in this field are trained to diagnose and treat these diseases.

In a medical malpractice case, infectious disease expert witnesses can review the facts and evidence to determine whether or not there was a departure from the standards of care. If there was malpractice, the infectious disease expert witness can identify the exact instance(s) of malpractice to help you build a strong case for your client. If no malpractice is identified, you can close the case rather than pursuing a time-consuming and costly trial.

Complimentary medical malpractice tips from American Medical Expert's expert witnesses

1) “Infection from Intravenous Fluids Malpractice case”

Infection from intravenous fluids are given through a needle or catheter (plastic tube). There are inserted in the vein by direct puncture through the skin, but the skin must be cleansed beforehand and the locations of the needles and catheters should be changes every twenty-four hours.

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2) “Infectious Disease Medical Malpractice Cases”

The way to handle infection cases is very interesting. If you can show the operation was not indicated, then any complication from that unnecessary operation is a negligent act. Secondly, was the patient at higher risk for the operation? Were prophylactic antibiotics not given prior to, during and after surgery? Was the patient not immediately and properly diagnosed and treated? In most large cities and/or teaching centers, there are specialists who do practically nothing else but consult and treat infections. Were there infections on or in the patient’s body at the time of an elective operation? If so, the surgery should have been postponed.

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3) “Contaminated Pharmaceuticals and All Infectious Disease cases”

A recent nationwide outbreak of serious infections, including fatal fungal meningitis, due to a contaminated pharmaceutical product, brought back vivid memories of a similar nationwide outbreak which occurred during my infectious disease fellowship at Vanderbilt University.

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